Zen is a current from Buddhism that was influenced by Daoism. It means sinking. To me ZEN means to live life.
Sounds simple-but it's not. Recognizing simplicity is very difficult for each and every one of us.
We keep ourselves busy with anything but ourselves. Our self is far too important. ZEN is linked to taking action in the present moment.
Thus it is one of the most difficult but one of the also most effective ways for us humans.
Mindfulness means "being attentive in the mind". To experience every moment as it is.
If you go for a walk in the forest, are you planning the next day or going over your shopping list in your head?
The joy over the scent of the forest, the singing of the birds and the rustling of leaves is much more valuable.
Our inner attitude during all exercises is important. It takes a teacher to learn. Anyhow, the actual process takes place in the spirit of the practitioner. He or she must experience Zen for himself. No one can help him with that.
The daily exercises consist of:
- Zazen (sitting in silence)
- Kinhin (walking meditation)
- Executing everyday activities in mindfulness
These are exercises that bring us very close to the moment until we have become one with it.
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