I have created this form of meditation on the basis of my long-standing experience and knowledge in order to enable every person to explore meditation.
I deviate a little from traditional meditation. May I be forgiven.
The word “Shingan” is Japanese and means "inner eye".
I got the idea when the local Parkinson's commissioner asked me, if I could imagine meditating with Parkinson's patients.
So I started to think about how I could create exercises, so they would be easy for everyone to understand.
This resulted in the Shingan - Meditation. Simple but extremely effective. The day with the Parkinson patients was a wonderful enrichment.
I made lots of positive experiences during our lessons. I wasn't the teacher, no, I was being taught.
We all know resting pictures, fantasy journeys and similar. For many people it is easier to find their personal relaxation when using certain imagery.
Shingan works with images that train the imagination. Our mind's eye is challenged and encouraged and thus mindfulness is trained.
It is not just about relaxation. It´s also about harmony with oneself.