Completely detached from religion many people meditate to escape stress caused by everyday life and to achieve an inner contemplation.
We as humans surely are equipped with many abilities.
Every day an infinite number of thoughts, streams of fear and dissatisfaction invade us. Every second of our life is scheduled.
We fall asleep with our worries on our minds and wake up with them still being there. Is that supposed to be it?
So let's stop our stream of thoughts and take time to recognize the burdens that keep forcing us to forget.
We neither are on a search for something bigger, nor want to experience miracles.
We just want to recognize ourselves as we are.
Science has proofed sufficient times that meditation has a positive influence on humankind.
Meditation is much more than JUST relaxation.
It teaches us to recognize unimportant thoughts, to live life the way it really is and to drop the unimportant, to gently push it aside.
Only if mediation is being practiced on a daily basis, one can experience the true essence of it.