Hypnosis, suggestion etc. have always been part of healing rituals of peoples. Even back in the day mental health issues were treated with hypnosis.
Autosuggestive Relaxation Techniques were developed in the 1920s and 1950s. Progressive Muscle Relaxation (1885-1976) also arose during the time in which AT (1884-1970) was being developed.
Neurologist and brain researcher O.Vogt (1870-1959) discovered, that patients he treated with hypnosis could hypnotize themselves after some time. At Vogt's suggestion, the later neurologist Prof. Dr. med. J. H. Schultz (1884-1970), started to be engaged in self-hypnosis and its effects on the organism. He initiated the development of AT, which took its final form in 1924. During this process he took his experiences with yoga and other Asian methods of immersion (Eintauchen, versinken) into account.
AT can be practiced in a group or by the individual.
It is an interesting therapeutic and especially recommended for healthy people as a preventive measure.
It is based on the recognition of the interrelation between body and mind.
It affects the autonomic nervous system. Furthermore it is a system of relaxation which one has to learn and perform on a regular basis in order for it to be successful.
Autogenic Training has the following advantages:
- Relaxation of the musculature
- Help for insomnia, nervousness, inferiority feelings etc.
- Self-control
The aim is to put oneself in a state of relaxation anywhere and at any time.
Prerequisite for these relaxation exercises is the basic level of AT.
Schultz structured this in the following formulas:
- The rest formula as a basic element
- Heat formula
- Heart formula
- Breathing formula
- Abdomen formula
- Head formula
Regular practice, which requires great discipline, leads to success.
You can find a lot of information like the different formulas on the internet. Please remember to be careful and learn AT with an experienced therapist or trainer only.
This way you can be sure you´re doing everything right and enjoy a healthy relaxation.
I offer AT in 8 sessions (60-90min) (basic level).
There also are formulas for the "daily practice at home". I like to work with fantasy journeys, which make an even deeper relaxation possible.
Furthermore I offer to work with the setting of resolutions. This takes place after the basic level and can help to e.g.:
- Quit smoking
- Deal with existing fears (fear of flying, driving through a tunnel, etc.)
There are numerous other examples for this.
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