Sounds that are not man-made. Elementary compositions written by nature. That was a big challenge for me.
There is not much information about this on the internet either. So I started looking for a building plan to build my very own wind harp.
Eventually I found one-a very old one. I could not realize everything and had to improvise a little here and there. I changed construction and dimensions.
Then the wind harp had to be built. Fortunately, we had an interested carpenter in our home town who put his heart and soul into the realization of the construction plan.
I haven´t mounted the vestibule yet so you can see the strings better.
There are twelve of them. All are tuned to the same note in different octaves.
If the wind (it has to be quite strong) now blows over the strings you can hear wonderful sounds (sound and overtone).
I was able record at Lake Constance and in my hometown. Quietly underlined natural sounds completed the work.
You can find an audio CD at the menu Book and CD.



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