Feeling good and being happy are two important pillars
in our lives. Stress and the resulting
Loads can quickly cause them to collapse.
Relaxation methods are well suited to counteract this.
to take effect. Frank Tuppek presents various
possibilities. These are described in detail with
exercises are explained. The reader thus gets the
possibility to find his personal method to integrate it into the
to be able to integrate everyday life.

Frank Tuppek was born on 15 September 1962 in Gelsenkirchen-Horst and has lived in the Hessian Odenwald for over 40 years.
Far Eastern healing arts and philosophies increasingly shaped his life. Meditation has fulfilled his life to this day.
He recorded this knowledge and the resulting experiences in this book.

Titel: Gelassenheit im Alltag
Autor: Frank Tuppek

ISBN: 3743193701
EAN: 9783743193703
Ein nicht alltäglicher Weg zur inneren Ruhe.
Books on Demand - Dezember 2016 - Kartoniert - 144 Sides
Only in German Language!



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