To be happy and feel good-who wouldn't want that?
These are feelings that are familiar and awaken a sense of well-being in us.
Each of us has experienced situations that have brought us great happiness.
But it can also be completely different. Multiple things in life don´t work out, one struggles with oneself and is dissatisfied.
Stress in physical, mental and emotional respects increasingly influences our lives.
Stress is without a doubt important. If it gets too much though we can no longer process it and it will make us sick.
Some situations in life overwhelm us. We react out of necessity and end up having made a wrong decision.
We often overlook the little hints our body gives us when it is overstrained.
We have to relearn to listen to it again. It is the instance that tells us what to do after all.
In order to protect ourselves we have to face this problem holistically.
This means bringing our lives back into harmony. To achieve this we need a clear mind and mindfulness.
Being able to relive every moment as what it really is-living in the present.
There are several methods to learn this.
These include:
- Meditation
- Autogenic Training
- Progressive Muscle Relaxation according to Jacobsen
- Sound Pedagogics (music, singing bowls, hapi drums and gong)
I would like to share my experiences with meditation as well as the possibility of relaxing through music with you on this website.
If someone decides to get a taste of a method or learn it, don't wait too long.
Start and defeat the vanquish the inner temptation (no time, this and that is more important...).
It will bring you further in all areas of life.

If further information is desired or my person as a teacher is in demand, contact me.
Yours Frank
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